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COVID-19 Information and Resources Update
As we have all come to learn, the COVID-19 outbreak has developed into the biggest challenge to public health in cities and communities across Canada likely in our lifetime.
We are committed to supporting you with essential information about government relief programs and other vital resources available during this difficult time. 

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The Burden of Student Debt

For more and more young Canadians, their biggest concern is whether the cost of post-secondary schooling is worth the burden that comes with student debt.

To help reduce the burden, read more about education savings plans and the long-term benefits.

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Market Commentary| Q3 2020

Everyone has a right to an opinion about the markets, but not all opinions carry equal weight.  Read the report to learn more including some key take aways.

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Canadians Saving 25% More
With the pandemic putting a damper on activities like dining out, attending concerts and vacationing abroad, Canadians are spending less and saving more. A lot more.

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A Guide to Tax Efficient Investing
Gain a better understanding of how you can reduce or defer the tax you pay on your investment portfolio, thereby allowing you to grow your investments faster and reach your retirement goals sooner.
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TFSA annual contribution limit rises to $6,000
The Canadian government announced that the annual contribution limit for TFSAs will be raised to $6,000 for 2019, up from $5,500 this year.
With the TFSA contribution limit rising to $6,000 for 2019, the cumulative TFSA contribution limit in 2019 will be $63,500 for a Canadian who has never contributed to a TFSA, and who was 18 years old or older in 2009, the year in which the program was launched.
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Enhanced Account Statements are now available
We have enhanced account statements in keeping with new regulatory changes.  Your account statement will now include new, easy-to-understand reporting on the performance of your investments and the fees you pay for services.
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Get the Fund Facts
The Fund Facts document provides valuable information about a mutual fund, including the performance history, investments and the costs associated with investing in a mutual fund. Looking to invest in a fund? Get the facts.

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Fund Facts Guide
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