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2018 Ontario Budget Highlights
On March 28, 2018, the Liberal Ontario government tabled its final budget prior to the upcoming June 2018 provincial election. Entitled "A Plan for Care and Opportunity," the budget contains a number of tax measures that could affect you and your family.

2018 Ontario Budget Summary

2018 Federal Budget Highlights
On February 27, the federal government tabled its 2018 budget. Several measures were introduced that may impact you and your personal finances. Read our budget summary for the details you need to know.
2018 Federal Budget Summary

What to do with your tax refund?
A tax refund can seem like "free money", but that doesn't mean you should spend it carelessly.  If you are expecting a tax refund then consider some of these options.

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Market Commentary| Q1 2018
It’s been an eventful time for financial markets and investors. In the early days of 2018, equities in many regions around the world continued the dizzying rise in valuations that had characterized most of 2017.

Market Commentary Report

What return on your investments do you expect?
When you invest your hard-earned money, what rate of return should you expect from your investment?

We all want to see strong returns, but should we just expect high returns. If you're counting on unrealistic returns to fund your desired retirement lifestyle, you run the risk of being sorely disappointed.

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Tax Efficient Investing
For the right investor, certain types of funds can really help make your portfolio more tax-efficient. Read about two of these types of funds below.
>>Corporate Class Funds
>>T-Series Funds

Enhanced Account Statements are now available
We have enhanced account statements in keeping with new regulatory changes.  Your account statement will now include new, easy-to-understand reporting on the performance of your investments and the fees you pay for services.
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An Investment Policy Statement. Do you have one?
As part of our continuing Investor Education Program, we've developed a new brochure that highlights the benefits of having an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), and details how you can work with your financial advisor to create one.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to read it as it contains important information intended to
help you with your investment planning.
Download Brochure
Read more about Investment Planning and how you can benefit from an Investment Policy Statement.
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Ask For the Fund Facts
The Fund Facts document provides valuable information about a mutual fund, including the performance history, investments and the costs associated with investing in a mutual fund. Looking to invest in a fund? Get the facts.

To learn more view the  
Fund Facts Guide

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Ask about the GP Wealth Plan. It will keep you on track now and into the future.
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