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Labour Sponsored Investment Funds (LSIFs)

Retail venture capital funds or labour sponsored investment funds offer investors long-term capital appreciation PLUS up to 30% of the invested amount in tax credits.

Investors in LSIFs can receive up to 30% in tax credits on the first $5,000 invested each year, in addition to their RRSP deduction if purchased inside an RRSP.  The Federal and Provincial* governments each offer up to $750 in tax credits, for combined total of $1,500 in tax savings each and every year.  A $5,000 investment could cost as little as $1,180 for an investor in the highest tax bracket (46.41%).

About Venture Capital

If your investment objective is long-term capital appreciation, then consider a labour sponsored investment fund.  Adding LSIF's to your portfolio offers long-term return potential through venture capital investing, an asset class which was previously only available to sophisticated institutional investors and the very wealthy.

The phase-out period for the Labour Sponsored Investment Fund (LSIF) Tax Credit has been extended by one year to March 2012.

The Ontario government had announced plans to gradually discontinue its 15% tax credit. It was to remain in place through the 2008 tax year, and would then be phased out over the subsequent three years.

However, the Ontario Government’s recent decision to extend the retail venture capital tax credit program for an additional year is a positive development for LSVCCs in Ontario. This improvement will now allow tax credits for investors in retail venture capital funds to March 1, 2012.

In addition, the Ontario provincial government is proposing to increase the maximum investment eligible for an Ontario tax credit from $5,000 to $7,500.

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Additional Benefit
Ontario government offers 15% on the first $7,500 invested each year
Tax Tip
An investment in an LSIF can provide you with up to $1,875 in tax credits.
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