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Investor Tools and Calculators
To be a successful investor, you must make choices that meet your unique needs today and your financial goals for the future. And whatever your investment priorities, you need to follow investment strategies that will help your money grow.

We invite you to use our calculators and tools to better plan your investments. If you have any specific questions send us an email and we would be pleased to help.
Life Insurance Calculator
Get started by first calculating how much life insurance you need. Then you can decide on the type of insurance that's best for you.
Life Insurance Calculator
Retirement Planning Tools
Not sure if you're saving enough? Use these retirement planning calculators to estimate your future retirement income needs, RRSP contributions or retirement pension income. Then decide on the best investment options for you.
RRSP Calculator RRSP Illustrator
RRSP Loan Planner RIF/LIF/LRIF Calculator
Education Planning Tool
Find out how much you'll need to save to afford your children's post-secondary school education costs.
RESP Calculator
Investment Planning Tools
Use these investment planning calculators to set savings goals, determine the effects of tax on your investments or to plan an income stream.  

See how a one-time investment or regular deposit can grow over the years.
Investment & Regular Deposits
You can calculate the income stream from your non-registered investment.
Investment & Regular Withdrawal
Using this calculator will show you the advantages of starting early.
Advantage of Early Investing
Compare the difference with tax-deferred growth.
Registered vs. Non-Registered Investing
Financial Planning
The first step in developing your financial plan is determining your family's income and expenses.
Cash Flow Illustrator
The next step is to complete your personal financial picture by pinpointing your personal assets and liabilities.
Net Worth Illustrator
With this easy to use tool you can calculate a detailed payment schedule for your mortgage or loan.
Mortgage Calculator
If your interested in learning how much of a mortgage you could qualify for including what your monthly payments would be, use this calculator to find out.
Mortgage Qualifier
Education Centre
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