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Internet Security Policy

We work hard to protect your confidential information and privacy when you deal with us online. In order to provide you with secure access to your accounts and information online, we use several layers of security mechanisms, technologies, processes and procedures. From your secure login, through to your log-out, our Internet Security Policy is designed to prevent unauthorized access to your information.

Furthermore, our internal processes and procedures ensure that only staff members who require your personal information are authorized to access it on a need to know basis. Each employee must use their personal password to access the information they require and all employees are trained to instill a high level of awareness of technology-related threats and staff responsibilities to protect and manage client information.

Secure Login

For your protection, we require that you use your client identification and password to verify your identity before you can gain access to your accounts and information. Your password should be kept secret at all times. If you fail to provide the correct password, you will be denied access.
Prior to logging in, your Web browser will establish a secure Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection between your computer and our Web server. To make sure that your Web browser has established a secure connection, look for an enabled security symbol, such as a closed padlock on your browser. Or check that the prefix on our website address, or URL, has changed from “http” to “https.” This indicates that your communication with us is private and safe.

Timed Logout

To further protect against unauthorized access to your accounts, for example, if you leave your computer without logging out of our system, the session will automatically terminate after 20 minutes. If your session terminates you will have to login again to continue your activities.

What Can You Do to Be Safer Online?

While we do our utmost to ensure security and confidentiality, there are steps you can take as well to enhance your security when using the Internet and when conducting business online.

  1. We recommend that you always use a Web browser that supports 128-bit encryption. In fact, you will be required to use a 128-bit browser to access the secure section of the GP Wealth Management Web site. As well, keep your browser application up-to-date with any security enhancements offered by the developer.
  2. Always log out at the end of your secure session. If you are on a computer accessed by other people, clear your cache at the end of each session.
  3. NEVER share your password.
  4. Do not send confidential information by email. Remember, email is not a secure form of communication.
  5. Do not respond to emails requesting your password or other login information. If you receive such an email, please contact us right away.
  6. If your computer is on a home network, change the default password for the router. For wireless networks, ensure you have enabled the appropriate encryption and security options. If you are unsure of how to do this, consult the manual, or visit the manufacturer’s website.
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