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Registered Disability Savings Plan Account

A registered disability savings plan (RDSP) is a savings plan that is intended to help parents and others save for the long-term financial security of a person who is eligible for the Disability Tax Credit.

Unlike RRSPs, contributions to a RDSP are not tax-deductible, but any growth realized within the plan is tax-deferred. Up to $200,000 can be invested within the plan with no annual contribution limits and can be made until the end of the year in which the beneficiary turns 59 years of age. Contributions that are withdrawn are not to be included as income for the beneficiary when paid out of a RDSP. However, the Canada disability savings grant, Canada disability savings bond and investment income earned in the plan will be included in the beneficiary's income for tax purposes when paid out of the RDSP.

You've Got Choice

We offer four different investment options for your RDSP portfolio

Mutual Fund RDSP

Choose from our extensive lineup of individual mutual funds, provided by more than 35 different fund management companies. Whether your focus is savings, income or growth, you'll find a selection of funds that meets your needs.

Managed Portfolio RDSP

Building a diversified portfolio and constantly monitoring and adjusting it takes time and expertise. Many investors prefer the simplicity of an "All-In-One Fund Solution." With a managed portfolio, you put time back on the clock while still benefiting from effective, professional management of your funds and asset mix.

Get independent thinking working for you ...

We encourage you to get professional advice when planning your special needs and investment portfolio.

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Benefits of an RDSP Account 
  • Tax-Sheltered Growth
  • Flexible Investment Options
  • Canada Disability Savings Grant Available
  • Canada Disability Savings Bond Available
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