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GP Wealth Signature Service Account

A comprehensive and flexible fee for service account

Designed with the investor in mind; it’s not your typical investment account. It’s a premium asset management service that’s commission free and gives you access to all the services, advice and investment options you need to meet your financial goals.

If you’re looking for all the benefits of working closely with an experienced and professional Financial Advisor, along with the comfort and security of a clearly defined all-inclusive fee, the GP Wealth Signature Service Account may be the perfect solution for you.

Here’s how it works

With the Signature Service Account, there are no commissions to pay. Instead, there is a monthly advisory fee as a percentage of your account. Advisory fees are calculated on a sliding scale, which means as assets grow the fee rate decreases.

3 Easy steps to set up a Signature Service Account

Working with your Financial Advisor, together you will build a strategy from account opening to account management and it starts with:
  1. Determining your ideal risk profile
  2. Developing a detailed portfolio audit of your current situation
  3. Establishing your ideal portfolio
You then choose from a variety of commission free investment options including:
  • F-Class Mutual Funds
  • F-Class Pooled Funds
  • Money Market Issues (T-bills, and Commercial Paper)
  • Guaranteed Deposits and Daily Interest Savings Accounts
  • ETF Funds
Your Financial Advisor then:
  • Monitors your accounts on an ongoing basis and; 
  • Reports back to you on an agreed upon schedule
You then receive a comprehensive account statement on a quarterly basis with an annual fee summary that is simple and transparent. 
A Simple, Transparent Annual Fee
With the GP Wealth Signature Service Account, you pay an all-inclusive fee for advice, reporting, and administration. Your fee is based on the total market value of the assets in your account(s) with GP Wealth Management. Fees are calculated on a sliding scale, which means as your assets grow the fee rate decreases.

3 other ways to reduce fees and save

  1. With our Family Pricing Program, we combine all your account assets with those of your spouse or family members in order to pay even lower fees (1)
  2. When you Bundle additional assets like GIC’s and other accounts you benefit from further fee discounts (1)
  3. Having an investment account (non-registered) where fees paid may be tax deductible (2) 


You have amassed sizable investment assets and you want your wealth to grow. You expect advice that is sound and objective, and you appreciate the security of active risk management. Most importantly, you want a solution that is suitable to you, with the simplicity of a single monthly fee. The investment services you will receive through your GP Wealth Signature Service Account will align your interests to make this relationship as responsive, dynamic and unique as you are.
(1) Speak to your Financial Advisor or contact us at our toll free number 1-800-608-7707 to get full details on qualifying family members.
(2) Speak to your Tax Advisor to get full details on which fees may qualify as tax deductible.
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