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Choosing a Financial Advisor or Planner

When searching for a financial professional, you need to be able to recognize who you can trust. We offer you the following tips to prepare and help you in your search for the right financial advisor or planner.

Be Prepared

Do some research to familiarize yourself with basic financial planning terms and strategies.  While a good financial advisor or planner will explain things to you, understanding the basics will help you to engage more in the process.  Remember that financial planning is about you. Take the time to reflect on what's most important to you for both today and tomorrow.

Ask For Referrals

Speak with friends and family members whom you trust; ask them if they know of or have worked with a financial advisor or planner they would recommend to you. Then look to interview by phone or in person, and ask them to outline their qualifications and experience.

Ask About Fees

A financial advisor or planner can be paid in a variety of ways, so ask about compensation.

Get It In Writing

Ask for a Client Relationship Document that outlines the terms of the relationship and any potential conflicts of interest. The document should also clearly disclose the advisor or planner's method of compensation and business affiliations.

It's All About Fit

If you don't feel comfortable discussing personal issues with a financial planner, continue your search. Honesty, trust and two way communication are critical to the success of the planning relationship. 


Reviewing your Financial Plan
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