Signature Service Account

A unique fee-based platform

feebasedIn recent years, the ability to provide fee-based investment accounts has shifted rapidly from a competitive advantage to a competitive necessity. Your clients — particularly your boomer clients approaching retirement — are more likely to expect you to provide financial advice paired with relevant financial services. In addition, demand for management-fee transparency is increasing and will continue to grow.

Introducing our unique fee-based platform – Signature Service Account. As a GP Wealth advisor, you’ll be able to leverage the many powerful features of Signature Service Account to deliver top-notch fee-based service to your clients. This will greatly enhance your ability to respond to the new market realities and expand your business moving forward. In fact, we believe that fee-based advice will soon become the predominant advisor service model.

Advisor benefits

Fee-based pricing is a significant advantage for advisors because it helps them increase their assets under administration and serve the needs of wealthier clients more effectively. Fee-based platforms also encourage “family” account management, allowing advisors to better position themselves for generational investment planning and retention of assets.

Here are a few key benefits of fee-based service:

  • You’ll appear more objective and professional
  • Your client relationships will become more client focused
  • You’ll enjoy increased income stability due to stronger client relationships
  • It helps you uncover more family assets
  • Advisory-fee transparency
  • Tax deductibility

Introducing clients to fee for service

We can help you develop a business plan to introduce your clients to fee-based planning and transition them to a Signature Service Account.

We also offer marketing support to help you promote your fee-based service. The marketing materials available to you include the following:

  • Client power-point presentation
  • Sample client and prospect introduction letter
  • 3-fold brochure and other collateral material