We fully appreciate that one of your biggest concerns when contemplating the move to a new dealer is the quality and speed of the transition process.

At GP Wealth, we’re here to support your move every step of the way.

In fact, we believe our transition program is second to none. Through the years, we’ve developed a comprehensive, step-by-step transition process that ensures a smooth and speedy transfer for everyone involved — you, your team and your clients.

Transfer Bonus

We know changing dealers is difficult and can lead to unexpected expenses. The process starts with a transfer bonus intended to recognize the value we place on your practice. This bonus also represents financial support from us to assist you with costs associated with the move.

Seamless, Thorough, Fast

The moment you make the decision to switch, the GP Wealth transition team swings into action. Our simple objective is to minimize the disruptions and provide assistance wherever it’s needed. This allows you to focus on your clients and complete your transition in the shortest time possible.

We’ve done this many times before. And we’re committed to providing you the full benefit of our knowledge and experience.

Transition Program Support

The following are 3 essential components of our transition program:

  • Dedicated Transition Manager. Provides project management from start to finish of your practice transfer.
  • Dedicated Contact Manager. Your main point of contact; facilitates all communication and keeps you up to date on every aspect of the transfer.
  • Dedicated Practice Manager. After the transition is complete, assists you and your team with everything from back office training to current procedures and policies

Comprehensive Training

As a seasoned financial advisor, you’ll find our training gets right to the point and covers all the angles. We’ll provide you and your team with training in the following areas:

  • Back-office procedures and paperwork.
  • The operation of our suite of Web tools for streamlining your practice.
  • Tips and techniques for putting our technology and services to use quickly for your competitive advantage.

Ongoing support

Our trained transition personnel will stay assigned to you until you and your team are completely familiar with all of our technology, staff and procedures.