Client Communications and Tracking

The decision to move to GP Wealth is exciting because it opens the door to many new opportunities for you and your clients. We’re committed to helping you transfer your book of business quickly and efficiently – so you can begin enjoying the benefits as soon as possible.

Our transition program covers all aspects of your transfer, including the ultra-sensitive and time-consuming tasks associated with client communications and account tracking.

Client Communications

A successful transition involves two distinct phases of client communications.

Phase One: Provide clients with the information they need to support your decision to change dealers and to choose to move with you to your new dealer.

Our phase-one package of client communications materials consists of:

  • A client letter explaining the change
  • A Q&A document that answers frequently asked questions
  • New Account Application Forms
  • Completed Change of Dealer Forms
  • All the necessary account opening forms
  • A return envelope with postage

All that’s left is outbound calls to clients. Here again we can help. Our staff will arrange telephone appointments or, when necessary, face-to-face client meetings (which can double as convenient opportunities to complete and pick up the new-account application forms).

Phase Two: Once clients are transitioned, it’s critical to follow up in a timely manner with a Client Welcome package. The purpose of this package is to not only update your clients on the progress of the transfer, but also ensure they feel they’re being kept in the loop.

GP Wealth’s phase-two package of client communications materials consists of:

  • Client welcome letter confirming their accounts have been successfully transferred
  • Information brochure about the new features and services available to them
  • All the necessary disclosure documents to meet your regulatory requirements

Account Tracking

Along the way, our transition team monitors everything and follows our proven procedures to ensure a smooth, timely transfer:

  • We track when the client packages are sent.
  • As the Dealer Change Forms come in through the mail, we track them with the fund companies and third-party intermediaries.
  • We keep you updated on the status of your accounts at all times.