Financial Advisor Branding

In today’s competitive marketplace, advisors must present a strong, clearly defined brand image. We’re here to help through our financial advisor branding program. Developed by our experienced management team in collaboration with our advisors, this easy-to-use, template-based program covers all aspects of your business communications, marketing and advertising.

Print Media

The centrepiece of our print branding materials is a customized 8-page booklet, featuring your photo, a personalized message from you and information on the services and offerings available through GP Wealth Management.

Other print materials include:

  • Business cards and stationary
  • Client welcome package
  • Product and service material
  • Personalized quarterly client newsletter
  • Template letters (includes client review letters, client meeting letters, recap letters, prospect letters, client referral letters and marketing campaign letters)

Electronic Media

Our advisor branding program features the following electronic media components:

  • Personal advisor website
  • Personal advisor e-newsletter
  • Social media support
  • Template emails (includes client review emails, client meetings emails, recap emails, prospect emails, client referral emails and marketing campaign emails)

Signature Service Program:
Premium Advisor Branding

Brand image building doesn’t stop with how you present yourself to clients and prospects in your marketing materials. You also communicate your brand qualities through the practice management tools and services you incorporate into your advisor offering.

Our Signature Service Program is a premium client relationship management program powered by MSCRM and WinFund. With Signature Service, you’re able to systematize your business, ensuring your communication with clients is always consistent, reliable and high quality.

Other practice management tools we provide that will contribute to your brand image include:

GP Wealth Plan
Powered by Equisoft, this state-of-the-art online financial application combines an asset allocation tool for creating portfolio snapshots with a robust financial planning tool for creating customized financial plans for your prospects and clients.

Signature Service Accounts
Exclusive to GP Wealth, Signature Service Accounts is our proprietary fee-for-service account platform, intended to help you take your practice to the next level and beyond.

Bottom line, branding is critical to advisor success, and our Advisor Branding Program offers the marketing materials and tools you need to make a great impression on your prospects. By branding your business properly and promoting yourself consistently over time, you’ll build credibility with your audience and enhance your chances of success.