Why We’re Different

Above all else, our people-first culture is what makes us unique. GP Wealth is both family-owned and advisor-led, and independent thinking is part of our DNA just as it is part of yours. We respect the important work our advisors do, and we’re committed to helping them run their practices their own way.

As an organization, we’re also lean and nimble. This means we’re able to put your needs first. And when we make decisions, we have the ability to implement them quickly.

To ensure our advisors have maximum flexibility in how they run their operations, we’re continuously investing in the most advanced online tools and practice management systems. In fact, we’ve been a technology leader since our inception more than a quarter century ago.

And while it’s commonplace for dealers to say they value the collaborative input of their advisors, we actually mean it. Our belief is that by harnessing our collective strengths and industry knowledge, we can together create a better company for all of us.

We think our strategy is working and invite you to become part of it.